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Outpatient diagnostic imaging program

Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Program Promotes high-quality imaging at a lower cost for Tyson Team Members

BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas has partnered with AIM Specialty Healthsm (AIM) to provide an outpatient diagnostic imaging program for Team Members and dependents covered under the Tyson Group Health Plan. Prior authorization will be required for high-tech radiology services. Prior authorization will help save you and the Plan money, as well as ensure quality imaging and unnecessary radiation exposure. Physicians who order high-tech outpatient radiology services including MRI, CT scan, MRA and CTA on an outpatient basis will have to obtain prior approval before the service can be performed. The entire prior approval process should take only a few minutes, so members should not have to wait for necessary radiology services.

If your physician orders an imaging service at a location that is more costly than another high-quality facility near you, you could get a call from an AIM representative providing this information to you. This proactive outreach is called the Specialty Care Shopper. It is your decision to go the facility requested by your doctor or to ask your doctor to request the service from a facility provided by AIM. You will not be denied services. However, your share of the cost for the test may be higher. If you have questions, please call BlueAdvantage Customer Service at 1-800-452-6199.