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Level Funded

Health plan savings and a safety net

As an employer, you’re always looking to cut unnecessary costs. A BlueAdvantage Level Funded plan can help. When your employees have a healthy year, you’ll get a refund. And if your claims are more than expected, you’ll be protected with excess-loss coverage. BlueAdvantage Level Funded gives you the control you want ant the savings you need.

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How it works

Build your health benefits plan

Our Standard plans give you the flexibility you need to pick the plan that best fits your company's needs.

Get excess-loss coverage

An excess-loss coverage policy acts as a safety net to protect you from catastrophic loss. There are two types of excess-loss coverage:

  • Specific coverage protects you from excessive claims filed by an individual employee.
  • Aggregate coverage protects you from excessive claims filed by your entire group.

Fund your claims

You're responsible for paying for your group's claims. Each month, you'll be billed for next month's expected claims, excess-loss coverage and administration fees. BlueAdvantage will handle the administration of your claims payments.

Share in the savings

Unlike a fully insured plan, you'll have the opportunity to save if your employees’ claims are less than expected. At the end of the year, BlueAdvantage returns 50 percent of your claims surplus.

Pay your bill

BlueAdvantage Level Funded offers several convenient ways for you to pay your bill.

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A health plan that helps

A healthy workforce is good for business. We have innovative solutions designed to keep your employees healthy and costs down. And it's all included in your plan.

Case management

Navigating the healthcare system can be hard - our case management and chronic condition management nurses can make it easier. Whether recovering from an inpatient stay, a high-risk pregnancy or a chronic condition like asthma, COPD or congestive heart failure, our team of experts will work with your employees to provide education, tools and resources to help them live a healthier life.

Diabetes Care

With our Diabetes Care program by Onduo, eligible members can access tools, coaching and clinical support to take control of their type 2 diabetes.

Virtual health

Employees need healthcare 24/7. And if the doctor’s office can’t see them, they might choose costly alternatives like urgent care or emergency rooms. With Virtual Health powered by MDLive, your employees can access low-cost, high-quality healthcare from their smartphone or laptop.

Behavioral health

At BlueAdvantage, we believe good health and wellbeing starts in the mind. Ensuring employee mental wellbeing is the top priority of our behavioral health team who can target your employees’ behavioral health needs.

Start saving now

Interested in moving to a BlueAdvantage Level Funded plan? Contact your Arkansas Blue Cross account representative or independent broker.

Onduo and MDLive, are independent companies providing diabetes management and telehealth services on behalf of BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas.